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Hampus Michaelartz Sjöberg ( 1995)

Born in Borlänge, Sweden.

Works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

He work mostly with paintings, drawings and visual imagery. But also work with text, textile and music. His creative process is deeply rooted in personal experiences, intimate relationships, and a profound inspiration drawn from art history.


Since his early days, even before art school, Hampus Sjöberg , known by his alias Michaelartz, has been dedicated to building and expanding the visual image culture from a point of liberation. His art is notable for its references to historical art figures, as he paraphrases landmark artists such as David Hockney and Eugène Jansson.


His reimagining of mundane local scenes, infused with his unique twists and signatures, brings a refreshing and instantly familiar quality to his work. This approach not only honors the past but also redefines it through his contemporary lens. But also painting from personal experiences and with inspiration from his own life and perspective.


Moreover, Hampus Michaelarz Sjöberg brings a sense of "showmanship" to his artistry, embodying the rare quality of being one with his art. His unapologetically vibrant and maximalist approach to color and expression challenges norms, making him a bold and refreshing presence against "Jantelagen" (the Law of Jante).

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